Serenita Residence

Serviced Apartment Right in the Heart of Bangkok


24-hour Security and CCTV

Serenita Residence Security Guard

We want your stay with us to be as pleasant as possible, and your safety and security is our primary concern.

We have security guards looking after the premise 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The residence is also equipped with anti-theft and CCTV systems to enhance your safety.

Both the inside and outside of the building are monitored at all times by our CCTV cameras installed on every floor and various spots outside to ensure that any security threats can be detected, and in the case that an incident occurs it would be recorded and can be traced back.

Serenita Residence Security Camera

Access Control

We utilize the advanced technology of RFID and PIN system to control the main entrance of the building and all guest rooms. Only authorized RFID cardholders can enter the building by tapping the card on the receiver or keying in the correct PIN code.

Cardholders can periodically change the room's secret PIN to increase security. An alarm will sound in the case of forced entry.

Serenita Residence Security Code
Serenita Residence Double Lock

The door lock is designed with top security. When double lock system is activated, only you who stay inside the room can open the door. The RFID card and PIN, under the double lock feature, will not be able to open the door.

For enhancing your security and privacy, a peephole viewer is installed in every guestroom door.

Fire Caution

Although smoking or other activities that may cause fire are prohibited in guest rooms, we've installed smoke detectors in every room as a precaution. Fire extinguishers and an alarm system are available on every floor of the building.

Serenita Residence Smoke Detector
Serenita Residence Fire Extinguisher
Serenita Residence Fire Exit

In-room Electronic Safe

Serenita Residence Electronic Safe

We provide an electronic safe, which you can program with your own PIN code, in every guestroom for you to store your valuables.