Serenita Residence

Serviced Apartment Right in the Heart of Bangkok



We offer complimentary room cleaning included in the rental price. This includes washing of bed sheets, pillowcases, bed accessories, and bath towels.

We also periodically sanitize our mattresses, clean our air conditioners and conduct pest control to ensure a healthy environment for your stay.

Serenita Residence Room Cleaning
Serenita Residence Room Cleaning
Serenita Residence Room Cleaning

Laundry Service

Other laundry services are also available at a very competitive price. We don't provide this service to make a huge profit, but to provide our guests with convenience. So our rates are not your hotel laundry rate, but your neighborhood laundromat rate.

Items of clothing can be washed and returned to you within 1-2 days, or even on the same day if requested!

Elevator & Common Area

Our residence is equipped with an elevator to make your in-house travelling more comfortable. In addition, each floor has a common area for you to relax and enjoy the skylight during sunny days.

Serenita Residence Elevator
Serenita Residence Common Area

Business Service

Electronic typewriting of document and printing preparation, Thai-English translation, fax services and sending / receiving electronic mail, etc. are available at reasonable prices.

On-Demand Service

Our management team is ready and willing to assist with specific service to meet your satisfaction.